Healthy food isn’t necessarily more expensive than junk food, according to a new government report.

Bittman was all over this months ago and I certainly agree.

via the WSJ

In 4 days.

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I can feel summer

walking softly up behind

me, whispering, play.


oreosconleche: Springfest!


a sabbath peace slows

time enough to saturate

today with kindness

[Q:] Why does nothing cool ever happen in Little Rock?

A: because you’re not paying attention

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Former Congressman Billy Tauzin (R-LA) made $19,359,927 as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies between 2006 and 2010. Tauzin retired from Congress in 2005, shortly after leading the passage of President Bush’s prescription drug expansion. He was recruited to lead PhRMA, a lobbying association for Pfizer, Bayer, and other top drug companies. During the health reform debate, the former congressman helped his association block a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate for drug prices, a major concession that extended the policies enacted in Tauzin’s original Medicare drug-purchasing scheme. Tauzin left PhRMA in late 2010. He was paid over $11 million in his last year at the trade group. Comparing Tauzin’s salary during his last year as congressman and his last year as head of PhRMA, his salary went up 7110%.



This is mostly just for Rachel, but even if you’re allowed to enjoy it even if you aren’t her.

So I’ve watched this over a dozen times tonight and am not really planning on stopping.